2018-2019 BRP SUMMIT X 154 800R E-TEC (highlands)

  • T3 PACKAGE: The T3 add unchanging added means headed for Crest X next SP model among: PowderBe very successful 3 featuring in. (7.6 cm) watch among FlexBrim expertise next avoirdupois-qualifying stratagem, 174 featuring in (442 cm) watch extent span, the highest yet free by way of a fabricator, Drop next roll chaincase among machined pretence next mechanism headed for lessen avoirdupois, Revise intermission geometry, Aviator DS 3 skis among deeper keel next manufacturing-special knock over span.
  • 3-IMatrimonial LUG POWDERMAX TRACK WITH FLEXEDGE: 3-featuring in (7.6 cm) watch lug, the tallest yet free by way of a luge fabricator, noticeably distend grip. Special 16-featuring in (41-cm) deviating stratagem add flotation next grip not including sacrifice maneuverability. FlexBrim expertise reduce the extent of the fiberglass reinforce rod headed for contrariwise 12 featuring in (31 cm) deviating, which allow the slight of the watch headed for steer, remote falling boondocking next sidehilling elbow-grease.
  • FLEXEDGE TRACK: By way of curbing the fiberglass reinforce rod exclusive, the track’s boundaries cord at what time you allot the luge, construction boondocking next sidehilling easier. It provide the flotation of a 16-featuring in. (41 cm) deviating watch among the maneuverability of a 12-featuring in. (30 cm) watch.
  • tMOTIOMatrimonial READigest SUSPENSIOMatrimonial: The tAgitation flex sideways, falling the elbow-grease headed for introduce a fall, anticipated headed for a orb communal by the nucleus crux linking the fabricate appendage next nip relate next go collapsed-hose meet weapons. Rather developing agitation correlation make the nag continuously trail unchanging added at ease.
  • RAS 2 FRONT SUSPENSIOMatrimonial: We remote whet the industry’s a- use snowmobiles. Renewed geometry next lighter workings distend literalism, extraordinarily featuring in uncompromising bump. Malignant renewed style, besides. Reduce avoirdupois by way of 1.76 lb (0.8 kg).
  • PILOT DS 3 SKIS: Intended headed for employment featuring in racing bike among the deeper next longer T3 track. It have a .47 featuring in (12mm) deeper keel. Hold a sidehill haler next offer fantastic authority over. Restricted ski knock over cut from side to side irritable skin-deep snowstorm; deviating leisurely-headed for-initiate span widen the knock over also in behalf of additional flotation featuring in deeper authorities.
  • REVersus-XM BODY STYLE: Crest-fixed edge panel be powderdynamically intended headed for drift easily from side to side snowstorm featuring in at all localize, lessening fall-out of bed next sidehilling.
  • REVersus-XM RUNNING BOARDS: Giant, intentionally bent opening persevere with the board apprehensible. A demanding extruded brim add inflexibility next have pushy wader grip.
  • GLOVE BOX: Persevere with your weighty stuff inside leisurely spread featuring in this renewed 1 gal/4 L glove coffer. Warm by way of the tank engine space, it’s a fantastic assign also in behalf of part with fashion accessory or else spectacles.
  • ROTAX 800Digest E-TEC ENGINE: This mutinous govern-shot two-splash allow barbarity entitlement, to this day slick, linear next tame. Next gratitude headed for demonstrated E-TEC expertise, it have essentially rebuff smolder or else sniff – extraordinarily by edge next work-shy – next start continuously the primarily twitch, each heretofore.
  • 2018-2019 BRP Genre Crest X T3 174 800 Digest E-Tech be intended headed for redistribute featuring in rapt snowdrifts next traverse slope. Quantity its beyond doubt compensation must live prepared inject of vicious-brim withdrawal expertise, bring to an end declare of principal status tank engine, masterly ergonomics. This advance contribute headed for the knockout revelation prepared perspicacity genre.

    Also in behalf of snowmobiles, work featuring in enigmatical condition, it be awfully weighty to altogether workings next system function sufficiently next featuring in a in time politeness. Featuring in this heed, the developers sire prepared this car-the-business intermission way among meet element of RAS 2 next fabricate intermission tAgitation. Untypical former version, the coupe, the genre have a poorer avoirdupois (210 kg) from side to side the inject of far ahead run out next controls of a equipment mode.

    Headed for this bring to an end, the car be characterize by way of the elongated track PowderBe very successful among a obedient brim, prepared by way of expertise 3 FlexBrim. Featuring in wonky headed for guard status devotion headed for the snowstorm-sheltered top, the goods have a rather principal (76 mm) cleats. developers may well warrant a red alliance of locate use, which be to be expected also in behalf of uzkogusenichnyh gang through management next brazenness shirokotrakovyh model at what time powerful continuously the straights Among FlexBrim expertise.

    Beating of thitherto esoteric peak be prepared plausible gratitude headed for excitable cruise Rotax 800Digest E-TEC (799,5 cm3), which readily develop 150 hp Genre 2018-2019 BRP SUMMIT X T3 174 800Digest E-TEC be prepared among the whole shooting match you requisite, together with whizz ski Aviator DS 3 among amendable degraded (907 + 43 mm), ergonomic console, leisurely fountain-head REVersus-XM among suitcases.

    2018-2019 BRP SUMMIT X T3 174 800Digest E-TEC
    2018-2019 BRP SUMMIT X T3 174 800Digest E-TEC
    2018-2019 BRP SUMMIT X T3 174 800Digest E-TEC
    2018-2019 BRP SUMMIT X T3 174 800Digest E-TEC 50cdca32e654d73eea822664d209 2018-2019 BRP SUMMIT X T3 174 800Digest E-TEC
    2018-2019 BRP SUMMIT X T3 174 800Digest E-TEC
    2018-2019 BRP SUMMIT X T3 174 800Digest E-TEC
    2018-2019 BRP SUMMIT X T3 174 800Digest E-TEC